Amaru Alpaca Brown Handbag

Amaru Alpaca Brown Handbag

Product Code: AABH


Product details:

  We commissioned this design of handbag using the skilled Amaru weavers. The village of Amaru is located high up in the Andes at an altitude of 3800m. The small community of Amaru is home to about 160 families. They speak a language called Quechua. The families operate several weaving cooperatives that produce high quality hand-woven textiles using natural dyes. The handbags are made with the Amaru woven alpaca textiles combined with fine leather and brass buckles. The design contains depictions of the Inca Trail and good luck symbols. Each bag is unique and only available from County Alpacas. The purchase of the handbags ensures the Amaru can continue manufacturing these beautiful products and sell them in a fair trade manner.

This bag has a round magnetic fastener at the top of the bag and is about 10inches tall with two compartments inside.