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Now what?

Somethings going on and I'm not sure I'm going to like it. Its been a lovely day today, peace and quiet all round. Shaun and Julie my two pet humans have left me alone for 4 days whilst they performed at some horse show, I think they said something about somewhere called Bramham and its famous. Never been myself but it seems they came back very full of themselves and I distictly heard them saying it was a great weekend.

Its what happened next that has me concerned. As soon as they returned I got turfed out of my field and put straight into the barn. Now this isn't right because its not cold and I like to be outside when its not cold. A bit of rain never hurt an alpaca so long as its warm. Once in the barn I discovered everyone else was already in there. Hoochie and his gang and all the girls in the other barn.

This can only mean one thing....oh no.....its shearing day tomorrow.....oh the idignity of it all, stripped of my fleece and left with a silly haircut. Toes crossed for a good clip.

Published by Kim Sewell on Sunday, June 08, 2014

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