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Otley Show

You've got to understand, I'm in charge and I hold the high ground, literally. Back in Peru my fellow male alpacas always run up the mountains and stand above the valley floor posing. Its the best way the girls get to see how magnificent I am. Fortunately I am in a field above the farm and can pose all day long, my girls love to watch me.....I think.

Anyway, I digress, whilst up on the hill I noticed Alfie and Torchy being loaded for a day out. Outrageous behaviour, they are just a pair of youngsters. All they have going for them is that they look cute, who would want to see that when I'm here. I can't believe they left me behind in favour of these two. Off they went to Otley to strut their stuff leaving me to run the farm again. I must admit I am starting to get the farm hand trained now. He is coming along in leaps and bounds. I just need  him to put a bit more food in my bucket and he will be trained. Its not fair when I know that Alfie and Torchy will have been getting fed carrots all day and posing for the cameras. Alfie has never been the same since Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden stgroked him on Dragons Den last March, he is such a diva now. I have a feeling they may be getting more likes than me on Facebook too. I am obviously going to have a word about this, its time I was taken for a day out. A day out being pampered and fed carrots, ahh bliss.


Lewes of County - top stud male.

Published by Kim Sewell on Saturday, May 17, 2014

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